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WIMGYM, the Montreal West Island Gymnastics Club, was founded in 1970. This club originated in Vaudreuil, where the original training center was located at Cité des Jeunes High School. At that time, the club had approximately twelve (12) competitive athletes, with a small group of recreational/pre-competitive participants. In 1980, due to the club's rapid growth, the club opened its first permanent facility in Beaconsfield, with a secondary recreation center in Valois, Pointe-Claire. At this time, the club's activities included competitive gymnastics serving 30–50 team members and a developing recreational program at both facilities.

In 1996, both facilities were closed and all of WIMGYM's operations were combined under one roof in a leased facility in the Beaconsfield Mall. From 1996 to 2008, WIMGYM continued to serve the West Island community with its ever-expanding recreational programs, alongside the success of its provincially and nationally recognized competitive team program. The expansion continues, we are now located in Kirkland since June 2021 and the club stands out more and more at the competitive level, provincial, national and international.

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Important Information

Cours à la carte

Spring 2024

March 15th to June 9th


This concept allows you to sign up for only one class at a time. You can register in advance, via the registration platform, or simply come by on the day of.

Spring Session


March 15th to June 9th

(12 weeks)

Registration Open

until places are filled

Registration at a later date?

Contact us to obtain the reduced price.

Summer Camp


June 25th to August 23rd

Our Summer Camp includes indoor games, gymnastics, Parkour & Ninja, as well as arts and crafts! Each week, a different theme is introduced to keep the children


Summer Session


June 25th to August 31st

(10 weeks)

Pre-registration: May 7th at 10:00 a.m.

Registration for all: May 7th at 1:00 p.m.

We offer gymnastics classes as of the age of 18 months ans Gravity (Parkour & Ninja) classes as of the age of 4.

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