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The space at the entrance to the gymnasium is limited. 


In order to ensure a better circulation and the safety of the children, we will put back in place the old rules concerning the access to the Interior of the gymnast of Wimgym


For children aged 7 and under enrolled in gymnastics classes:

Only 1 parent is allowed to go inside to help their child and wait for their coach, then they will have to leave and come back at the end of the lesson to pick up their child and help them get dressed.


For children over 7 years old enrolled in gymnastics classes:

The parent will not be able to enter the gymnasium (if necessary to help their child).  The child is normally independent enough to remove his coat and his boots on his own. The child will leave the gymnasium enclosure only when he sees his parent outside


This policy is effective immediately and is in place for security reasons. 


Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

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