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Programmation & Registration Period

Winter 2023-2024

Beginning of the session: December 1st, 2023

End of the session: March 14th, 2024


Price List: 


Courses offered:

Please refer to the "Recreational" page



Registration Period

Pre-registration (members only):

For members registered for the previous session (fall 2023 session)

     To come


Registration (members and non-members)

For all

     To come

Registration Methods

Online, by clicking on the following link:


In person or by telephone:

During the Administration opening hours


How to use the online registration platform

How to create an account

Online, by clicking on the following link:

And by following these steps:

1. Enter your email and choose a password 

2. Add a minimum of 1 contact

3. Add a minimum of 1 participant

How to register

By clicking on the following link:

Et en suivant les étapes ci-dessous:

1. Log in to your account 

2. Click on the shopping cart icon next to the     name of the participant you wish to register.

3. Choose the session, the week(s) and select whether you want half days or full days.

4. Accept the terms and conditions

5. Proceed to the online payment

How to Pay

Online by clicking on the following link:

And by following these steps:

1. Log in to your account 

2. Click on "Account Statement"

3. Click on "Pay"

4. Follow the on-screen instructions

     Only Credit cards and Debit Credit cards are           accepted (e.g; Visa, Mastercard, Debit                       Visa, etc.)

In person:

During the Administration opening hours:

     Credit or Debit Credit cards (e.g; Visa,                      Mastercard, Debit Visa, etc.), cash, and checks        are accepted 

Waiting List

How to be added on our Waiting List(s)

If your desired option is already full, you can be added to our waiting list by following the steps below.


Send an email at

With the following information:

1. Child's Name

2. Parent's Name

3. Desired Option(s)

4. Email Address and Phone Number

Being on our waiting list does not guarantee you a place. If a place becomes available, the waiting list will be contacted by telephone in order.

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